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Custom Garage Remodeling in Greenwood Village

Is your garage in desperate need of a makeover, leaving you overwhelmed by clutter and disorganization? Fear not – a garage remodel in Greenwood Village, can transform your space into an organized, visually appealing haven for you and your family. Here, we’ll explore the many advantages that a garage remodel can provide, along with the wide array of flooring options and storage solutions available to homeowners in Greenwood Village. By choosing a trusted professional like Rocky Mountain Custom Garages to assist you in this transformation, you’ll be well on your way to enjoying the dream garage you’ve always envisioned. Let’s embark on this journey to discover the boundless potential of your garage!

Reasons to Remodel Your Garage in Greenwood Village

Garage remodels are an excellent way to upgrade your home aesthetic, but there are other pros as well. One of the biggest advantages of garage remodeling is increasing the value of your property. The increase in property value can provide near-term benefits if you plan on selling or refinancing your home, as well as future benefits should you decide to keep your house for many years. In Colorado, there are many companies, such as Rocky Mountain Custom Garages, that specialize in garage remodeling and offer a range of services to enhance both the appearance and functionality of your space.

Of course, beyond the monetary gain, there is the convenience factor. With a professional remodel, you have the opportunity to take back your garage and make it as functional as possible for your unique needs. For example, you can choose from a variety of storage options such as custom garage cabinets and ceiling racks so that all items can be easily sorted and neatly stored away. In addition, experts in the field can guide you on the best options for your space and intended use.

There’s great satisfaction in knowing that with just a few simple upgrades, this often-overlooked space can be transformed into something useful and enjoyable. A remodeled garage can offer greater storage solutions, as well as improved security features that can provide peace of mind when away from home. This upgraded space can also make good use of otherwise wasted space, creating a better living environment with room for extra furniture or a new workspace.

As we’ve explored the various reasons to remodel your garage in Greenwood Village, it’s clear that such a project can offer significant benefits to homeowners. From increasing property value to enhancing functionality, a well-executed garage remodel can transform this often-overlooked space into an integral part of your home. Given the potential advantages, you may be eager to get started. Before diving headfirst into the remodeling process, it’s essential to prepare adequately and plan carefully. In the following section, we’ll outline crucial steps to take before embarking on your garage remodeling journey, ensuring a smooth and successful project.

According to Home Advisor, the median cost for a typical two-car garage remodel in Greenwood Village, Colorado is $14,929.
A 2020 survey found that garage construction projects in Greenwood Village can take anywhere from two to four weeks on average to complete.
The average return on investment (ROI) for a garage remodel in Greenwood Village, Colorado is 74.8%.

What to Do Before Embarking on a Garage Remodel?

Nestled in the heart of Arapahoe County, Greenwood Village, is a charming city situated just south of Denver. Home to around 15,500 residents, this thriving community boasts a strong economic foundation. With a median household income of an impressive $129,400, it’s no surprise that homeowners in this area take great pride in maintaining and improving their properties, including investing in garage remodeling projects that bring their dreams to life.

Before jumping into a garage remodel in Greenwood Village, homeowners should consider all options for maximizing their storage space. It’s essential to take time to plan out the project before diving in, analyzing the available space, and evaluating which materials are most suitable for the job. This includes considering options for the garage floor and walls, ensuring a cohesive design that reflects your vision and preferences, and consulting with experts to guarantee the best final product.

To prepare for a garage remodel, you must decide on the purpose of the remodeling project and the desired outcome, including considerations for the interior design. For example, will the space be used as a workspace or exclusively for storage? Are there valuable items that need to remain protected from cold temperatures or moisture? Should the garage floor be replaced? Answering these questions can lead to an efficient remodel process with a great outcome.

You also need to consider budget and timelines. How much work is needed and how long is realistic to complete it? Will you require assistance from contractors with excellent craftsmanship? Answering these questions allows property owners to develop a more accurate estimate of cost and duration of completion.

Homeowners should give their garage a good cleaning before commencing their remodeling project. This step not only helps them better visualize what they can do with the area but also reveals any potential underlying issues such as water damage, pests, etc. It’s recommended that during clean-up, glass containers, used oils, and other hazardous materials be disposed of properly. Cleaning also provides an opportunity to take a closer look at the garage floor and walls to ensure they’re in good condition for the remodel.

Moving from the preparatory stage of a garage remodel, it’s fundamental to consider some potential pitfalls that homeowners in Greenwood Village often face. By understanding common garage organization mistakes, you can avoid unnecessary frustrations and setbacks, ensuring a smoother and more efficient remodeling process. In the next section, we’ll explore these errors and provide valuable insights on how to prevent them, ultimately helping you achieve a well-organized and functional garage space that meets your needs.


Making organization mistakes in your garage can be both time-consuming and costly to repair. Many Greenwood Village homeowners unknowingly make a few common organization mistakes when remodeling their garages. These include failing to account for seasonal items, not utilizing wall space, and adding too much furniture.

Failing to Account for Seasonal Items

One of the biggest organization mistakes is often forgetting to set aside space for items that may only be used during certain parts of the year, namely holiday decorations and lawn maintenance tools. Since these items may not be used all year long, it’s easy to forget when doing initial measurements and planning. If you create a garage organizational plan that accounts for seasonal items, it will be much easier to store them efficiently and accessibly when needed.

Not Utilizing Wall Space

A lack of wall storage can lead to issues like having piles of cardboard boxes on the floor or storing outdoor sports equipment in a corner. By using wall storage options such as custom garage cabinets or Slatwall panels, you can make efficient use of vertical space, freeing up floor space and allowing for more streamlined storage solutions.

Adding Too Much Furniture

Often homeowners assume that the more furniture they add, the more organized their garage will become. In reality, this tends to create visual clutter and can actually impede efficiency due to overcrowding. To avoid over-furnishing your garage space and exacerbating problems with clutter, consider practical needs only and prioritize those items over aesthetic desires. This will also help to reduce unnecessary costs by investing in only essential pieces of furniture.

Understanding and avoiding these pitfalls is just the first step toward a well-organized garage. The next crucial step is to maximize your storage space by employing innovative garage organizers suited for various types of items. In the upcoming section, we’ll discuss a variety of ingenious storage solutions that can help you transform your garage into a functional, clutter-free space, just like the ones you see in impressive homes. By leveraging these innovative ideas, you’ll be able to optimize your garage’s potential and utilize it as a valuable extension of your home.


Organizing a garage can seem like an overwhelming project, but when you break it down into smaller tasks, it’s much easier to tackle. One of the first steps in successful garage organization is to make sure you have adequate and appropriate storage solutions installed. Custom garage cabinets, overhead garage ceiling racks, and Slatwall panels are all excellent space-saving options for storing tools and equipment.


Custom Garage Cabinets

Custom garage cabinets offer built-in cabinetry, typically with shelves or drawers inside. This type of storage solution is great for storing items such as tools and automotive products, as it is designed specifically for the layout of your garage. Not only does this provide a neat and tidy look, but it also increases the storage capacity within your space. Furthermore, our garage cabinets can be customized with lockable drawers and doors to protect your valuables and will last longer than cheaper alternatives due to the high-quality materials used in their construction, which will reduce your overall costs in the long run.


Slatwall Systems

Slatwall panels are a great way to free up more floor space yet improve the visibility and organization of items within your garage. They’re perfect for accessories such as sports equipment, holiday decorations, and automotive parts. Furthermore, you can add additional hooks or baskets so that each item stays organized and easily accessible when needed. The combination of slat walls and other custom storage solutions, such as garage cabinets and ceiling racks, will provide you with an efficient storage system while maintaining an aesthetically pleasing and clutter-free environment, ideal for homes with limited space.


Ceiling Racks

Garage ceiling racks come in handy when storing large items that are rarely used but need to stay out of the way of everyday activities in the garage. By installing ceiling racks, you can make better use of vertical space and store various types of items, from bicycles to luggage containers, ensuring your garage stays organized year-round. These racks make it easy to store bulky items without taking up too much precious floor space in the garage. Moreover, they come in various shapes and sizes so they can fit into tight spaces or transform that awkward corner into a functional storage area.


No matter which option you choose, each one provides practical benefits over traditional storage solutions such as plastic bins or cardboard boxes, enhancing your quality of life by simplifying your storage. The best part is that there are diverse ways to maximize your storage space; you can customize each component according to your own requirements and needs. So go ahead and choose the option that works best for you!

Now that we’ve explored the benefits of maximizing your storage space with innovative garage organizers, it’s time to consider another essential aspect of home improvement – upgrading the aesthetics of your garage through flooring options. A well-chosen flooring option can not only enhance the visual appeal of your space but also complement the organization and functionality of your garage. In this following section, we’ll delve into various flooring options that can transform your space, elevating its overall appearance and adding value to your investment.



When it comes to upgrading the aesthetic of your garage, flooring options are a popular way to achieve this. Two of the most popular methods to improve the look of your garage in Greenwood Village are epoxy flooring and snap lock tile floors. Each of these provides a different set of benefits based on your individual needs.

Epoxy Flooring

Epoxy flooring offers homeowners the benefits of a sleek, glossy finish that is easy to clean and highly durable. Our high-quality product is excellent for helping you protect your concrete surface while providing an attractive finished look. Additionally, its non-porous nature means that dirt, grime, and moisture are kept at bay, making it perfect for homes in regions with inclement weather conditions. Furthermore, epoxy floors come in a variety of colors that could easily add contrast to your existing garage design.

Snap Lock Tile Floors

Snap lock tile floors provide durability as well as great aesthetic appeal by combining a variety of colors and textures. Installing snap lock tiles is relatively easy due to its interlocking system; however, the installation process requires precision and attention to detail. Taking into account factors such as temperature and humidity while installing might be critical in achieving optimum results.

Depending on what kind of look you want for your garage in Greenwood Village, either material – epoxy flooring or snap lock tile – could provide you with a stunning result. Once you have selected the perfect flooring option to enhance the aesthetics of your garage, you should remember that it’s vital to consider every aspect of the garage remodeling process. In the upcoming section, we’ll share essential tips for planning a successful garage remodel in Greenwood Village. These guidelines will ensure that your remodeled space is not only visually appealing but also functional and harmonious with the overall design of your home.


Planning a successful garage remodel in Greenwood Village can be a daunting task, especially if you’re unfamiliar with the process. While there certainly are risks and complex decisions involved, an effective plan can lead to satisfying results. You should take into account the purpose of the space, the size of the area, budget allowances, and potential obstacles that could arise during the project. With careful consideration of these factors, you can create a customized plan for your garage remodel that maximizes space and functionality.

1. Define Your Purpose and Goals for the Garage Remodel

Snap lock tile floors provide durability as well as great aesthetic appeal by combining a variety of colors and textures. Installing snap lock tiles is relatively easy due to its interlocking system; however, the installation process requires precision and attention to detail. Taking into account factors such as temperature and humidity while installing might be critical in achieving optimum results.

2. Establish a Realistic Budget and Timeline

Once the goals for the remodel are established, an estimated cost of the project can be created and adjusted as the plans come together. Knowing the timeline and budget of the project is essential, as it will ensure that you get the most bang for your buck while staying within the parameters of both your budget and timeline. It’s important to have realistic expectations about the budget, timeframe, and outcome. Don’t overestimate what can be accomplished in a given time frame or underestimate how long things will take.

Be sure to factor in both material costs and labor costs when budgeting. Don’t forget to leave room in the budget for any unexpected contingencies. You should also keep in mind that involving professionals early in the planning process can help ensure success and avoid costly mistakes.

3. Prioritize Safety During the Remodeling Process

Lastly, and equally important, is safety. No matter how small or large the job may be, safety should always come first; considering background checks when hiring contractors or subcontractors can help ensure peace of mind that everyone involved with working on the project follows certain guidelines.

As with any project, careful attention and thorough planning are key components in achieving success with a garage remodel in Greenwood Village. Setting expectations and staying organized at each step of the process allows you to stay on top of the tasks to be completed while giving overall direction to the project. To make sure you get the desired outcome from your garage remodeling project, the next step would be to find the right company in Greenwood Village – we’ll look at some tips for locating a reliable garage remodeling services provider in our next section.


When you’re considering remodeling a garage in Greenwood Village, it’s important to find the right company for the job. Finding a reliable contractor is essential to ensuring that your project is done quickly, efficiently, and within budget. However, it can sometimes be difficult to know where to turn for professional results. To make sure you get the best outcome, here are some tips for selecting the right business for your garage remodel:

1. Research Reviews

Search online reviews and ratings to find out more about the company’s reputation and track record of customer service and satisfaction. Make sure there are plenty of raving reviews from different customers before moving forward with them.

2. License & Insurance

Be sure to check if the company you’re considering has a valid license and sufficient insurance coverage for workers and liability respectively. This will protect both parties throughout the process should anything unexpected arise during the job.

3. Price & Quality

When selecting a garage organization company in Greenwood Village, find the balance between price and quality. Prioritize staying within budget while avoiding compromises on workmanship and materials that may lead to future repairs. Evaluate the company's expertise, materials, and customer service to confidently choose one offering great quality at a competitive price.

4. Communication

Effective communication between customer and contractor is essential during any home renovation project; this will help ensure that expectations are met on both sides and that thorough updates are provided while moving forward with minimal disruption.

By taking these tips into consideration, you can rest assured that you’ve chosen a reputable company that will deliver quality results at a fair price without sacrificing any customer service along the way!

At Rocky Mountain Custom Garages, we pride ourselves on being a premier choice for garage remodels in Greenwood Village. Our exceptional customer service, positive reviews, and proper licensing and insurance set us apart from the competition. We offer competitive pricing without compromising on quality, and our commitment to effective communication ensures a seamless, well-executed transformation. By entrusting your garage remodel to us, you can expect a budget-friendly solution that not only maximizes storage space but also enhances your home’s overall value.


The key to a successful renovation lies in partnering with a company that can deliver exceptional results within the stipulated time and budget. That’s where Rocky Mountain Custom Garages comes in. In this section, we’ll walk you through the steps you can expect when working with our company for your garage remodeling project. With our team by your side, you can expect outstanding results and exceptional customer satisfaction. Our expertise and dedication to excellence guarantee a smooth journey from start to finish.

1. Request a Quote

When working with our company for your garage remodeling project, the first step is to contact us and request a quote. Our expert team will take into account your specific needs and provide you with an estimate for what it would cost to complete the project, broken down into the components that make up the work. We understand the importance of having an accurate price before starting any project, so we strive to be as transparent and accurate with our estimates as possible.

2. Schedule a Consultation

Once you’ve received your quote, the next step is to get in touch with us and schedule a consultation. This is where we’ll go over all of the details and plan out exactly how the project will be executed. For this consultation, we’ll visit your garage to take measurements and discuss your specific requirements, materials needed, timelines, etc. so that you can rest assured that whatever we install meets both your and our standards of excellence.

3. Installation

Once the consultation is done and all details are officially finalized, it's time for our skilled team of installers to start working on the installation of your new flooring and storage solutions. Our experienced team will make sure all materials are ordered on time and that everything is installed according to specifications. During this stage of the process, we also encourage communication if there are any concerns or questions about how things are going—we want everyone involved with the project to feel comfortable throughout!

Rocky Mountain Custom Garages is your ideal partner for a successful garage remodeling project. By following the outlined steps, you can ensure a seamless experience from start to finish. Our dedicated team of professionals will work closely with you, providing transparency, open communication, and meticulous attention to detail to deliver exceptional results that exceed your expectations. With our expertise and commitment to excellence, you can have confidence in entrusting your garage remodeling in Greenwood Village to Rocky Mountain Custom Garages!


The cost of remodeling a garage in Greenwood Village, can vary significantly depending on factors such as the scope of work, materials used, and the contractor hired for the job. A basic garage remodel may range from $5,000 to $15,000, while more extensive projects can cost upwards of $25,000 or more. To get an accurate estimate for your specific garage remodel project, it’s essential to consult with a reputable company like Rocky Mountain Custom Garages, which can provide a detailed quote based on your requirements and preferences.

On average, a basic garage remodel in Greenwood Village, takes approximately 1-2 weeks, while a more complex remodel may require 3-4 weeks or longer. The duration largely depends on the scope of the project and the specific upgrades being installed. For instance, installing Slatwall panels typically takes a couple of hours, adding ceiling racks requires a day or two, and applying epoxy flooring demands 3-4 days due to the preparation and curing process. By carefully considering these factors and diligently planning, you can ensure a smooth, efficient, and successful garage remodel that exceeds your expectations. Feel free to contact us for more information!

The best garage remodeling company in Greenwood Village, is undoubtedly Rocky Mountain Custom Garages. With our expertise and commitment to customer satisfaction, we offer a comprehensive range of services, including the installation of custom garage cabinets, garage ceiling racks, Slatwall panels, epoxy flooring, and snap lock tile floors. We pride ourselves on using high-quality materials and offering tailored solutions to suit each client’s unique needs and preferences. Trust Rocky Mountain Custom Garages to make your dream garage a reality!

Reap the Benefits of a Professional Garage Makeover

Undertaking a garage remodel in Greenwood Village is an intelligent choice for homeowners who want to make the most of their available space and boost their property’s worth. By teaming up with Rocky Mountain Custom Garages, you can be confident in receiving expert advice, superior workmanship, and tailored solutions that address your specific requirements. Give us a phone call today and don’t miss the opportunity to transform your garage into a functional and beautiful space with the help of Rocky Mountain Custom Garages.